Attemted merge, cancelled, all local changes lost

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Attemted merge, cancelled, all local changes lost

Post by GuyH » Sat Mar 01, 2008 4:57 am


i have been working on a html file locally while offline using vs2005 and the classic vault client.

When i went online and opened the project visual studio stated that 'it was going to attempt to checkout files that were modified while offline'

when i did this, i then went for a recursive check in at project level.

i got a dialog telling me that there was a merge needed on index.htm file.

so i clicked resolve merge status that opened the diff merge viewer.

when i viewed the file i could see it was quite a complex merge operation so decided i would take care of it later.

so i closed the diff merge tool, and clicked cancel on the dialog. When i looked at the file in visual studio - ALL MY LOCAL CHANGES WERE GONE.

this is 8 hours work down the drain for me. is there any way this would have been cached somewhere while the diff tool was showing me the files???

i could see all my local work in the diff viewer.

i would really appreciate some help on this as my first day off in 2 weeks is lost if i cant get the changes back. :x

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Post by jclausius » Sat Mar 01, 2008 3:09 pm

What version of Vault are you currently using?

Off the top of my head there might be two possibilities:

A) Check your working folder settings within the GUI client? Perhaps they were changed by the IDE client, and the files you were working on are not in the directory where you think they were located. A drive search for the files may help as well.


B) If there was a GET with overwrite, the default Vault option is to save ALL edited work in the _sgbak folder. Assuming you have not changed that setting, any files you were working on would have been moved to the _sgbak on any kind of GET from the Vault server.
Jeff Clausius

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Post by GuyH » Mon Mar 03, 2008 4:26 am

im using vault 4.1

there is no sg_back folder in the root of the project

the working folder is set correctly.

my work is gone, even though i cancelled out of the diff merge.

its ironic that i thought 'oh i better check my work in so i dont lose it'

if only i had uploaded it to the live site first. :roll: