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We are new to using dragnet. I have imported our bugs from our existing bug tracking software (now defunct software called bug collector). Everything works fine except the query feature doesn't work on the bugs that I imported. I notice that you are using some type of keyword indexing feature. Is there a way to update this indexing table based on the bugs that are in the database?


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How did you import the bugs?

If you didn't go through the Dragnet Web Service to add the items from your old bug database (i.e. if you just went database to database), Dragnet will not work right for these items.

Currently, there isn't a way for Dragnet to index the items after the fact.

If you want to import items from another bug tracking system (other than our own Collab bug tracking tool), you should use the AddItem() Dragnet Web Service API to do it so Dragnet will have all the information it needs. The following KB articles have some information on how to use the Dragnet Web Service:

Note that there isn't a way to Delete items via the Dragnet Web Interface. There is a stored procedure you can use to delete items if you want to remove the items that don't work. If you want to Delete these, email me (using the email button at the bottom of the message) and I will tell you how to use the DeleteItem stored procedure to do that.
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