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We are using dragnet for issue tracking and are wondering what is a good way to get more detailed reports from the database. I see the web services API, etc, but it's not obvious how to be utilize it. We do have visual studio, do development, etc, etc, but kind of are shying away from that kind of point solution.

I've also looked at Fortress, but I haven't seen anything on the web page that leads me to believe it provides more reporting information. Querying is fun and all, but there is potential for inconsistancy depending on the querier.

Any info experiences would be appeciated

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 08, 2007 7:55 am
While Fortress doesn't currently have built-in reporting, it's something we plan to add in future releases.

You might be able to extract information via queries directly against the database.

Let us know what kinds of reports you are interested in and maybe we'll have some ideas for you. If these aren't possible now, we'll at least add a feature request to Fortress for this functionality.
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