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We are using Dragnet for our defect tracking and have Vault as the Source control.
I had several tickets in DragNet. They all had “Windows” as the platform. Since we were only using windows, I thought having different browsers is better. So, I deleted “windows” from the platform menu and added different browsers. Now, I am unable to modify the existing tickets. Everytime, I try to do that, its giving me an Error 500. The server Cannot process your request now. This is only with the tickets that had “Windows” as an option. Please let me know what I should do.

I tried adding “Windows” again but I get a message saying, its already listed in database. I am being logged out all the time. We are in the middle of a release, I have several tickets and don’t want to loose everything now. Please help.

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We have a script that will put the ones that shouldn't be deleted back in.

I am attaching a document that has those queries and instructions.
Restoring important Dragnet Pieces.doc
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