New/Extended Feature Requests

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New/Extended Feature Requests

Post by Tony » Thu Oct 06, 2005 11:08 am

I have a couple of simple feature requests that I would like to submit for your (hopefully serious) consideration:

(A) The number of custom fields (two, I believe) is severly limiting. This should be raised to something closer to 10 or more. Yes, a complicated form is counter productive, but sometimes the fields are necessary.

(B) More complicated, but equally important would be the ability to create custom pick-lists and define a custom field that is associated with a cusom pick-list.

(C) I don't know the complexity of this, but I would love to see the "anonomous add item" security be somewhat revamped. We use Windows integrated AD authentication. This is all fine for our regular, licensed users because each item is linked to users' accounts. However, when we give our non-licensed users (i.e. cutomers) access to the public AddItem page, those items all get associated with the "generic" user and we have to store the AD account name of the client in a custom field. It would be much more ideal if the public AddItem web service had no authentication and could be configured to automatically add/link the submitted item to an actual account that was limited to adding new items.

For example, account TONY doesn't exist in the Dragnet system, but I use the public page to submit a new item. The web service realizes that TONY doesn't exist and first creates a new Dragnet account TONY and then submits the new item with TONY as the creator. The new accounts are flagged as "inactive" or "submit only" and don't count against the license count, but at the same time, I can run a report that shows issues submitted and not have every customer submitted issue be reported as the same user.

Does my explination and/or the feature itself make sense?


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Post by lbauer » Thu Oct 06, 2005 12:07 pm

Thanks for the suggestions. Some have been suggested before, like having more custom fields. I'll add your "vote."

I'll log a feature request for the ones not already in our features database.
Linda Bauer
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