Fortress 1.0.3 Release Notes

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Fortress 1.0.3 Release Notes

Post by jeremy_sg » Wed Aug 01, 2007 12:41 pm

SourceGear Fortress 1.0.3 is a maintenance release for Fortress 1.0. If you have not upgraded to Fortress 1.0 version, see for more information.

Known issues:

There are still issues which prevent using projects in the Visual Studio 2005 IDE Client which are bound to source control in a solution which is not bound. If you use this configuration, please remain on the 2003 compatible client until these issues have been resolved.

There is now an automated tool to convert projects and solutions bound to the Visual Studio 2003 compatible client to the new Visual Studio 2005 client. You can download that tool from:

If you wish to convert your solutions and projects manually, follow the steps outlined at:

Installation Notes:

If you are converting a Vault or Dragnet installation, you must uninstall those products before installing Fortress. When uninstalling, choose to keep the databases.

In order to convert an installation of Vault and Dragnet to a Fortress installation, both the sgvault and sgdragnet databases must be on the same SQL server instance. Use the detach and reattach functions in SQL server to move databases if necessary. It is recommended that you convert to the latest version of Dragnet before converting to Fortress.

For users converting from an installation of Vault only, the Fortress work item tracking database will be automatically created.

It is not recommended to convert an installation with only Dragnet. Install Vault 3.5.2 beside your Dragnet installation and convert them as normal.

Changes From Vault 4.0.3:

* There are no significant changes that impact only Fortress.

Client/Server Version Compatibility:

It is always recommended that your client and server versions match exactly (e.g., a 1.0.3 client should be connecting to a 1.0.3 server). 1.0.x clients are able to communicate with any 1.0.x server, but specific bug fixes will not work correctly if they required both client and server changes.

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