How To Uninstall Fortress 1.0.6 Server

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How To Uninstall Fortress 1.0.6 Server

Post by Terence » Wed Feb 06, 2008 4:29 pm

note: This only applies to users who chose to install the Fortress 1.0.6 Client along with the Fortress 1.0.6 Server.
  • From Control Panel-->Programs and Features (Windows Vista) or from Control Panel-->Add/Remove Programs (Windows XP, Windows Server), choose to uninstall the Fortress 1.06 Server.
  • Follow the prompts and when asked if you want to keep your database, choose YES.
  • After a while, the uninstall process will tell you that it cannot complete the uninstall.
  • Go here and download the Windows Installer Clean Up Utility from Microsoft.
  • Install and run the Windows Installer Clean Up Utility.
  • Choose SourceGear Fortress 1.06 from the list and click remove.
  • Now the Fortress 1.06 Server and Client can be safely upgraded.
Note: If you're not upgrading to a new version of Fortress and want to completely remove the software, there are 2 more steps that you need to perform
  1. Go to the directy where you installed the Fortress client (usually c:\Program Files\SourceGear\Fortress Client). Once there, delete that entire directory.
  2. Click the Start Button on the Windows taskbar and navigate to the SourceGear Fortress folder. Right-click the SourceGear Fortress folder and select delete from the context-menu.
Now SourceGear Fortress 1.0.6 has been completely uninstalled.
Terence McGhee

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