Obtaining unbound code from Fortress GUI Client

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Obtaining unbound code from Fortress GUI Client

Post by imtiyazsog » Wed Sep 23, 2009 8:58 am


I'm pretty new to using fortress. Can someone tell me how to obtain a unbound copy of code / files from the Fortress GUI Client ?

I know one can get the unbound code from VS2008 but I dont want to use it due to some project arrangements on my box.

Any advice would be a great welcome.



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Re: Obtaining unbound code from Fortress GUI Client

Post by Beth » Wed Sep 23, 2009 9:55 am

Are you trying to just get a few files or the entire project?

Do you want the unbound code in your working folder or in some other location?

If it's just a few files, then go to your Fortress GUI client and perform a Get from there out to some other location.

If it's the entire project, then Get the entire project to a different location or to your working folder, then open it in Visual Studio. It will start out bound, so then you need to unbind it. Go to File - Source Control (or Fortress Source Control) - Change Source Control (or Change Fortress Bindings). Select all the line in the window that opens and click Unbind. Then click OK. You now have an unbound version on disk. If you need an unbound version in Fortress, you would now use your Fortress GUI client to check in the unbound version.
Beth Kieler
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