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I am using Fortress 1.1.4. At the moment I have a file checked out from the repository with edits and when I right-click, click Show Differences, I see the repository and working version side by side, but the controls to apply changes or make any edits in this view are disabled. I need to copy some changes from the repository version back to the working version but cannot.

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By default, DiffMerge is configured to make the files read only, using read-only arguments in the Diff/Merge configuration.

This can be changed in the Vault GUI Client under Tools->Options->Diff/Merge. In the Diff section, remove "/ro1" or "/ro2" from the Arguments. Only the working copy version is writeable, since the repository version is downloaded as a temp file. If you're not sure which side of the Diff/Merge pane your working folder version is on, you can remove both /ro1 and /ro2.
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