Fortress 1.1.4. How can I get a specific Version of files?

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We are using Fortress 1.1.4. I need to retieve a specific set of files, based on Version and/or Date. Using the "History Explorer", I can find the files and versions I need and I can "select" them, although it doesn't allow me to do a "Get" when more than one file is selected. There are over 1,000 files that I am trying to retrieve, so obviously I can't select each one and do a "Get" (well, I can, but it will take hours and hours). I know I must be missing something. There must be an easy way to pull out a specific "version" of all my source files. Right? :)

Someone, please tell me what I am missing. I have scoured the integrated help, but just can't figure out what I am doing wrong.


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This might help:

Right click on the folder and select Show History. In the History Query dialog, select "View folder history by version." This will give you a list of folder versions with their dates. Select the version that corresponds to the date you want, and click on Get from the buttons on the right.
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