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Posted: Tue Feb 03, 2015 10:55 am
by Balthazor
Hello, I was hoping someone could provide an example of how to use the ServerOperations.ProcessCommandShelve. Specifically, I don't know how to create the ShelvesetItemIDEInfo array that's passed to the ProcessComandShelve method. Any help that could be provided on this would be much appreciated.

Re: ServerOperations.ProcessCommandShelve

Posted: Tue Feb 03, 2015 5:18 pm
by Beth
First see ServerOperations.cs ProcessCommandShelve() for an explanation of the arguments.

Next, one calls ServerOperations.ProcessCommandShelve( name="the name of the shelve set",

csic = an allocated ChangeSetItemColl collection which contains the items you want to include in the shelve. Normally you can get this by using something like "ChangeSetItemColl csic = ci.InternalChangeSet_GetItems(true);" You can see this code elsewhere in ServerOperations.cs

"comment" is the comment for the shelveset,

bugIDS = null OR it can be an array of int for VaultPro work item ids,

ideInfos = null,

localCopy = LocalCopyType.Leave, (in most instances)

replace = true if you wish to replace an existing shelveset with the same name );