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Hi there,

intentionally I wanted to ask how I can integrate DiffMerge into Eclipse - but I figured it out now!

What you need (and what you almost should already have):

* Eclipse (also possible: AptanaIDE, ZendStudio, etc)
* Subversive feature/plugin (already included ZendStudio)

BNow, setting up an SVN project, checkout, do some things...

To set up DiffMerge correctly:
Go to Preferences -> SVN -> Diff Viewer

There "add" a new external tool. Now enter as MIME-Type "*" for every filetype. You may change this later on.

As program path enter as follow (MacOS):

You CANNOT browse to the binary directly, you have to write it yourself into the box. For Windows/Linux Users: Point to the executable file as usual!

The box below is for the arguments you are passing. Here you write:
${mine} ${theirs}

$mine is YOUR file locally/working copy, $theirs is the (actual) file in the repository.

For merging you set the same program path, and using this arguments:
-m ${mine} ${merged} ${theirs}

-m = for merging directly
$mine = your file
$merged = the merged file
$theirs = File in repository

You are also free to add the -tX=TEXT_HERE
Don't use " or whitespaces for the text!

Example (for diff):
-t1=My_file -t2=Repository ${mine} ${theirs}

Ok, then save, synchronize the repository, search for a file to diff -> right click -> Open in External Compare Editor

...and it should open in DiffMerge...

* Don't use " in arguments!
* If you are changing something in the preferences, you have to synchronize before you can use the new values!!
* It only works in "Team/SVN synchronization view" !

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Thanks for the post. I'm not an Eclipse user, so I can't add much to your note.

But I will say that on the Mac distribution of DiffMerge, I included an optional
shell script that you can install in /usr/bin/diffmerge (or wherever) that knows
about the /Applications/ stuff. That might
be a little easier.


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Is there any significant difference in integrating DiffMerge on Windows?

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I answered in your other post: viewtopic.php?f=33&t=14765
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