Proper use of Content Handling

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Proper use of Content Handling

Post by muradkhan » Thu Aug 18, 2011 5:04 pm

I have following diffs showing up
high out table: 'C:\Program Files\CCGroup\Marketbasket_System63F\tables\'

high out table: 'C:\Program Files\CCGroup\Marketbasket_System_7_1\tables\'

I'm trying to use Content Handling and Edit Context features of DiffMerge to ignore the path difference (63F vs. _7_1), but not the file name difference (spechighcutoff vs. MBConditions).

I have created a Matched Context that specifies
Start Pattern: high out table:
End pattern: \\tables\\
I have turned off 'case is important' and 'whitespace is important'
I've tried setting the escape character to '\' and leaving it blank

My understanding of this features behaviour is that for each line of the source fiiles, DM will look for the start pattern and ignore everything until the end pattern is encountered.



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Re: Proper use of Content Handling

Post by jeffhostetler » Fri Aug 19, 2011 9:32 am

The answer depends upon what you're trying to do.

The Content Handling stuff affects which portions of the line are
considered "important" and which are considered "unimportant"
(Code vs Comments/Whitespace, for example) such that you could
use the "Hide Unimportant" to cause the unimportant parts to not
be colored. Use the patterns you described then toggle "Hide..."
and you should see the directory name coloring disappear.

The Content Handling stuff *does not* affect how the various lines
are matched up (vertical alignment between the left and right sides).
A frequent request has been to do column-/content-wise ignores
for stuff like COBOL or BASIC line numbers, but we don't have that
feature yet. So if you're wanting to control the alignment, this won't
work for you.

Let me know a little more about what you're trying to do and I
can maybe make a few suggestions to get you going.


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