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Feature Requests

Post by johnthuss » Fri Nov 02, 2012 10:18 am

I'm interested in using DiffMerge as a replacement for FileMerge on Mac OS X, but there are a few things preventing me from adopting it.

1) The key bindings Ctrl+Option+Up/Down etc are cumbersome. Mac users rarely use the Ctrl key. I would prefer it to be Alt+Up/Down/Left/Right etc like I believe it is on Windows. Or it could be configurable. At a minimum, Command+Alt+Up would be a big improvement over Ctrl.

2) There is no color highlighting of the currently selected change, so when I navigate using the keyboard or scroll it's difficult to tell which change I'm currently working with (i.e. merging).

3) Not sure, but you might want add the .m and .mm extensions to the default RuleSet for C source files to support Objective-C.

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Re: Feature Requests

Post by jeffhostetler » Fri Nov 02, 2012 11:38 am

Thanks for the feedback.

I'll log a bug to investigate the new suffixes.

WRT the color highlight, there is a dotted rectangle around the currently selected change.
Granted, it is a little subtle, but it's there. I hesitate to introduce yet another set of colors
into the mix -- I think I have too many as it is. :-)

WRT the keybindings, I tried to follow the Apple user experience guidelines as best as I could,
but there is a bit of wiggle room there. I currently have:
  • CTRL+ALT+Up/Down move to the prev/next change and highlight it.
  • ALT+Up/Down move the caret to the prev/next line (like plain Up/Down); IIRC the Apple docs said that ALT+Up/Down should move the caret to the beginning/end of paragraph (when a paragraph is well defined).
  • And Command+ALT+Up/Down is unbound.
I suppose I could also bind the last one the prev/next change. I'll log this too.


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