4 Smaller requests - Reporting differences only

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4 Smaller requests - Reporting differences only

Post by gpherbig » Tue Jun 04, 2013 6:26 am

I'm new here and I'm using DiffMerge the first time today.
There exist a lot "Diff" & "Merge" tools, but one feature of DiffMerge is outstanding:
Viewing differences only. Many thanks for that option!

First request:
I would like to have the option to save that "differences only" into a new file.

Because that isn't possible at the moment, I use a workaround to print the differences
into a pdf-file. That works, but longer lines will be completely cut, so my second request is:

Second request:
Please give the possibilty to wrap lines, when printing the content.

My workaround for that is to use a large paper layout, e.g. "A3 landscape".
Unfortunately, each time, when I start DiffMerge, the layout "Letter" is set.
Where I come from, "Letter" is totally unusual, so it is a bit annoying
to change the layout every time, when I start DiffMerge.

Third request:
Is it possible for DiffMerge to remember the paper layout (e.g. setting it in the options).

I use DiffMerge to find differences in much more than only one file pair,
so I wrote a small script for fully-automatic file comparison.

But there is a further hurdle to overcome: With each start of DiffMerge, the
tab "Edit View" is shown and the tab "Reference View" is hidden.

Now, to generate the differences, the tab Reference View must be shown.
I see no possibility to bring the Reference View into the forground using the menu
or any keybord key combination (I don't want to use the mouse for scripting).

Fourth request
Is it possible to configure, which tab is shown with the start of DiffMerge?

Now, that's it, please apolgize my presumption,
DiffMerge is almost a perfect tool!

Kind Regards
Gerhard P. Herbig

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Re: 4 Smaller requests - Reporting differences only

Post by Beth » Tue Jun 04, 2013 3:46 pm

I've entered your feature requests. Thank you for your feedback.

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Beth Kieler
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Re: 4 Smaller requests - Reporting differences only

Post by jeffhostetler » Wed Jun 05, 2013 5:46 am

Let me attempt to address each of your questions/requests in turn.

[1] "differences only into a new file": There is a "--diff=file" option that will
compare the 2 files and write standard diffs to a new file. You can add "-u"
to get unified format diffs.

Code: Select all

diffmerge --diff=output.txt file1.txt file2.txt
diffmerge -u --diff=output.txt file1.txt file2.txt
[2] "wrapping long lines when printing": We've logged this. Thanks.

[3] "initially show Reference View rather than Edit View": we've logged this.
When the "-ro2" (read-only in panel 2) option is used, we don't create an Edit View,
so you might try this instead.

Code: Select all

diffmerge -ro2 file1.txt file2.txt
[4] "remember paper size for printer": We've logged this.

Hopefully, the --diff option will do what you need.

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