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I've just started using DiffMerge; thanks for such a great, clear diff and merge tool

I compared two directories, and knew that some files were in one but not the other. I discovered (without reading, of course :) that the peerless icon was my ticket to seeing the files present on one side but not the other. I then found via right click that I could move a file from right to left. Unfortunately, I had about 30 files to copy, and the folder diff window would only allow me to select one at a time, so this took awhile. Furthermore, all the files I needed to copy were at the bottom of the list, but DiffMerge would redraw the window and scroll to the top after each copy. I'd like to suggest a couple improvements:

(1) Allow selection of multiple files in the folder diff view

(2) Add an icon to the top row to "copy to right", similar to what is in the file diff view. I got a little tired of having to right click on each of the 30 files.

(3) Try to maintain scroll position after a copy.


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Thanks for the suggestions!

We'll pass them on to our developers.
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Hi there - I came across this post when trying to find out if I can select multiple entries in DiffMerge.

Is there a way to do so?

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