How to set empty extension in "Simple File Equivalence"

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The tool is very useful, thanks a lot.

I'm working sometimes with OSG and for some reason their headers do not have extension.
So how could I specify to add these files without extension to "Simple File Equivalence" list?
Otherwise I get a lot of not equivalent files that are really equivalent.
I have tried things like *. "*." "" but it doesn't help.
The same problem is for "Use Filename Filters" *. doesn't help.
So the magic mask is ...?


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PostPosted: Tue Sep 17, 2013 8:19 am
Currently the "Simple File Equivalence" section
wants a list of suffixes and doesn't take wildcards.

Have you tried using "Ruleset-based Equivalence"
and enable the Default Ruleset for those files without
suffixes? And maybe update the "Equivalence Mode"
page on the Default Ruleset. This might get you what
you're looking for. A little awkward maybe.

I'll log a feature request to make the simple file
list take wildcards.


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