DiffMerge 4.2.0 is Now Available

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DiffMerge 4.2.0 is Now Available

Post by jeffhostetler » Thu Oct 24, 2013 1:35 pm

SourceGear DiffMerge 4.2.0 is Now Available.

New in this release is the ability to export file and folder differences to an HTML file.
A new Export Menu has been added to let you export file differences in unified,
traditional, and side-by-side formats with intra-line highlighting. Folder differences
are reported in a single-column format similar to a unified diff.

You can also export file and folder differences to a file in Text format. This ability
was previously only able when using the command line interface. These commands
have been added to the new Export Menu.

Also new in this release is a "quick match" setting used in folder windows. This allows
you to indicate that for certain suffixes, it is sufficient to just compare the sizes of the
files. You might use this when there are large media files in the tree to speed up

On OS X, this version also adds Finder integration. You can right click on one
or more items and open them with DiffMerge. Or you can drag them to a DiffMerge
window or icon.

For a complete list of changes, see the release notes:
http://www.sourcegear.com/diffmerge/web ... notes.html

For more information about SourceGear DiffMerge, visit:

To download SourceGear DiffMerge, visit: