Request: Create indicator for amount of change

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Request: Create indicator for amount of change

Post by MADCookie » Fri Jan 17, 2014 2:55 pm

For my code generation routine, I generate my code to a temporary location outside of project's solution folder. I use DiffMerge's folder comparison to compare the generator's output with the solution files. My generator renders a time stamp comment in the code on when the file was generated. This means DiffMerge tells me every single file is different even though only a few files truly changed.

With that as the basis, could you add a number for comparisons showing me how many changes are detected. I could use that information to find the files that have enough changes that I really need to merge into my project. If most of the files have just the time stamp modified, then they would all have the same number of changes and I would be able to "see" the files that have real modifications.


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Re: Request: Create indicator for amount of change

Post by jeffhostetler » Wed Jan 22, 2014 9:34 am

Have you looked at the "Lines to Omit" in the various Rulesets?
With that you can declare one or more Regular Expressions
describing lines that should be omitted when file pairs are compared.

You could then describe a pattern for those time stamp lines and
not get "false positives".

Open the Options/Preferences dialog and look at the "Rulesets" page.
You'll need to define the REGEX in the Ruleset for each type
of source files. There's a Ruleset for C/C++/C# files that knows
about the suffixes .c, .cpp, .cs, and .h, for example. If you have
other suffixes, create another Ruleset for them.

Then look at the "Folder Window / Equivalence Mode" page in the
Options/Preferences dialog and turn on "Ruleset-based".

Then file pairs that only have time stamp changes will appear with
the "~" icon rather than the "=" icon. And you can use the toolbar
to hide them.

Let us know if that doesn't work for you.

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