DiffMerge: wish list for better long line handling

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DiffMerge: wish list for better long line handling

Post by binneyp » Wed Nov 25, 2015 10:13 am

I love DiffMerge and could hardly operate without it. I am particularly impressed by the highlighting of changed text both within a line or across multiple lines.

I don't know whether it will get any more development, but just in case, could I re-iterate various other pleas for handling of very long lines.

I frequently have to diff such files, some structured, some not. My wish list of options (in my guessed-at order of implementation complexity) is:
  1. "Jump to next/previous change horizontally" buttons.
    These would allow horizontal tabbing where long lines differ way off to the right (at the moment you have to do lots of horizontal scrolling to see the differences).
  2. Option to auto-wrap long lines at each difference.
    If line numbers are displayed the line wrappings would have no number to emphasise the context.
  3. Columnar display of CSV type files.
    Provide an option to tell DiffMerge that the file is a delimited file (tab, comma, ...) and have it format the results into columns with (optional) header line.
    Thus one could readily see which column(s) differences are in.
  4. Prettified XML difference only.
    Option to have DiffMerge reformat XML files into a prettified structure of reasonable line length, and display the differences on the result.
    It would be perfectly reasonable to disable the "merge" options when doing this.

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Re: DiffMerge: wish list for better long line handling

Post by Beth » Mon Nov 30, 2015 4:59 pm

Thank you for the feedback. I'll log these items, or if they are already logged, I'll add your "vote."

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