UTF-8 support?

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It does not support UTF-8 format?


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I haven't seen any problems with UTF-8.

Which language packs are on this machine?

What characters are supposed to be in the areas that are not displaying correctly?

Would you be able to send me a sample file that isn't working?
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Local tranche Turkish,
Files Turkish

Select the Text Encoding when opening files
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DiffMerge does support UTF-8. By default it will look for a Byte Order Mark (BOM) at the beginning of the file to determine the encoding used for that file. In the absence of a BOM, your System Default will be used.

This is all configurable, however. Go to Tools -> Options, and under "File Windows" you'll see "Rulesets". Here you can set the encoding (and other settings) for various types of files, determined by file suffix (extension). There is also a Default that is used when no suffix match is found.

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For each Ruleset you can choose the character encoding, or you can choose to Ask when the file is loaded.

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Hope this helps.

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