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I'm using DiffMerge 4.2.0 ... [x64] stable.

When I'm in the folder diff result page and I select "Copy File Left to Right" or "Copy File Right to Left" then the cursor (selected line) jumps back to the start of the list. I find this annoying because I have to find the location again where I was.

I suggest the following:
If you choose the copy file function then the cursor moves to the next item in the list unless the cursor is on the last item in the list, then it jumps to the item before the copied item.

Alternatively, copied items are not removed from the list even if equal items are not shown and the cursors remains at this item.
In that case it would probably be good to mark this item with a different color/font indicating that they became equal after the comparison.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 13, 2017 9:16 am
When it jumps, it puts the line you performed the copy on at the bottom of the list, but it should still be viewable in the window.

I can put in a feature request for it to jump to the next item that is on the left or right side only.

If copied items are being removed from the list, then you have the show equal files turned off. Turn that on and after you copy, the item won't disappear from the list.

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