Can DiffMerge Do This? Seems A Common Need For B/W Printing

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Let's say I received text file version A which I then edited to create version B.

I then want to compare A and B to create version C, which shows where and how A was modified to create B.
(i.e. deletions are shown as strikeouts, and insertions shown as underscored or bold).

I then want to be able to print out version C on a black-only printer, or send it to whoever, so that anyone who sees version C can tell instantly what part of A was deleted (shown as strikeouts) and what new material was added (shown as underscored or bold text). This would seem a very valuable feature that is commonly needed when comparing a late version of text file with an earlier one to see differences.

Can DiffMerge do this? i.e. create Version C as above described from A and B ?

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Thank you for the question.

From within DiffMerge with the two files loaded, choose Export from the menu, and then File Diffs. There are a couple of different types of file exports you can create. Some are used for 'patching' to update another user's file version A.

But from what you describe, I think you would want to use the Side-by-Side option to export both files to HTML, which could then be printed by someone receiving the comparison file.

Jeff Clausius

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