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I just registered DiffMerge and was using it from the command line to generate a folder summary to HTML. Can you please tell me what the two RIGHT-MOST columns are supposed to indicate? They are both numeric columns. See example below. I think you should add a header to indicate what they are supposed to signify.

!= App_Start\RouteConfig.cs 604 605
!= Attributes\AuthoriseRoleAttributes.cs 3084 3082
!= Attributes\WetaHandleErrorAttribute.cs 634 632
!= Controllers\AccountController.cs 13076 13006
!= Controllers\AdministrationController.cs 15459 15456
!= Controllers\CustomAuthorizeAttribute.cs 2721 2721

Thank you

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Thank you for registering DiffMerge.

Can you please provide me with the DiffMerge command line that you are executing?



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