Request: Instant editing and simple drag&drop

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Request: Instant editing and simple drag&drop

Post by psteijn » Wed Sep 19, 2007 3:00 am

First of all, great to see a diff tool comming close to Araxis Merge.
I am lovin it ;) , great default color scheme (using the 31 beta).
Flexible by file type diff rules, in one word NICE...

Small improvements making a huge difference would be:

When starting DiffMerge is should directly show an empty 2-way diff (or last used).
In which you can type or paste code into it, without the need of disk based files. I imagine lots of situations, where ppl tend to compare a code sniplet. They want to start DiffMerge and copy/paste the code into it, without the hassle of creating fiels for that. It would certainly be a huge improvement over the current blank screen.

Further simple drag&drop would make life a lot easier. Example, with an active 2-way diff, i want to drag&drop a file on a pane, to replace it with.

It should be possible, when having an empy ('new') and drag a file to the left and one to the right. This is much nicer then start a 2-way diff and selecting 2 files. Although drag&drop works in the file chooser dialog.

Great tool!

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Post by Beth » Wed Sep 19, 2007 9:53 am

I'll submit your feature requests. Thanks for the feedback. :-)

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