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DiffMerge API

Post by palaslet » Tue Mar 18, 2008 5:24 pm

Would it be possible to release the DiffMerge as a dll? My company uses Vault, and so I got to know DiffMerge. I want to use this excellent diff tool from one of my own applications. All I ask is if you could also create the exe as a dll so that I could reference it in .NET and start it by calling a constructor or something. Also wish for the possibility to diff/mount streams or strings on this dll, not only files.

Ofcourse i'd like the window to pop up like the exe, so it won't be any doubt about who's doing the diff.

Thanks again for an incredible good diff tool.

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We don't have any plans right now for an API.

Post by jeffhostetler » Wed Mar 19, 2008 8:00 am

We currently don't have any plans to do an API/DLL version of DiffMerge.
I will log this request in the database.

In the mean time, you might try something like the following. This is how
Vault (a .Net application) launches DiffMerge.

string strApp = "C:\\Program Files\\SourceGear\\Vault Client\\sgdm.exe";
string strArgs= "file1.txt file2.txt";

Process.Start(strApp, strArgs);

There are lots of command line args that are described in the manual.
You can set per-panel titles, set read-only flags, and etc.

The exe is called sgdm.exe in the version bundled with Vault/Fortress
and diffmerge.exe in the stand-alone version.

hope this helps,

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