Integration with Axosoft OnTime

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Integration with Axosoft OnTime

Post by jclausius » Mon Dec 20, 2010 10:57 am

This is a quick write up for someone wishing to try the Vault Professional Integration with Axosoft OnTime's Defects.

  • Axosoft OnTime is up and running in your environment. There are a multitude of ways to set up OnTime, but they all point to a common database which stores the OnTime information.
  • At this time, the Vault Professional integration works with users configured to use OnTime authentication. Make sure anyone planning to use the integration can authenticate through OnTime directly, because an OnTime login and password will be required for configuring the integration.
Once the OnTime environment has been set up, you will need to:
  • Install the OnTime SDK. Vault Professional communicates with OnTime Defects through the Axosoft OnTime SDK. The OnTime SDK is an ASP.NET web service which requires installation on IIS.
  • Once the OnTime SDK is installed, you will need to modify its web.config file.
    • Find the database connect portion, and create a connection which can communicate to your OnTime database.
    • Generate a security token (GUID) to be placed in the appropriate section of the web.config file. Note: keep this value handy as it is required for Vault Professional integration.
  • After installing the Vault Professional client, select the Tools -> Options for Axosoft OnTime Integration, and provide the location of the OnTime SDK Web service, as well as a OnTime user, password, and the security token (generated in the previous step).
  • Test the connection.
Once you have successfully connected to the OnTime SDK Web service, close the options dialog, and switch to OnTime on the Vault Professional context bar, which is found on the left of the client. When working correctly, the Vault Professional integration will display the list of OnTime Projects, Releases, Customers and the OnTime Defects.
Jeff Clausius

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