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Does Vault have the ability to Search for a changeset by date? I have been looking all over the client and I am finding that search capabilities are fairly limited unless I am missing something. There was a rollback to a checkin that I made by another engineer but he did not give me the files that were rolled back, he just said the checkins for this SCR from last week had to be rolled back. I would like to search the repository by date so I can locate the entire changeset he is referring to. This seems like a standard feature for repositories. As you are probably aware, trying to remember all the checkins from a week ago can be murder. Can I get some help with this?

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Right-click a parent folder for the files or project, or you can select $, and select Show History. A window will open for filter options. Select the Date and Label tab. There you can change the range to last week. If a particular user performed the check in, then use the User tab to filter by user as well. In the results you'll see the user names as well that checked in. To see everything in a change set, double-click one item and the details window will open showing everything checked in at the same time as the file selected.
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