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Hello Everyone

I am also in the process of planning on upgrading the SQL server which vault uses to SQL Server 2016. We use SSTD by Microsoft to keep track of our database versions for our product. But the latest release of SSTD does not update Visual Studios 2013 version of SSTD tools, only Visual Studio 2015. Moving to Visual Studio 2015 isn't much of a change except I can not figure out how to get the enhanced vault client to be used, only the classic client for source control purposes. I am assuming since Vault 7 came out before Visual Studio 2015 was available it doesn't know to check for it etc.

So long story short I am looking at upgrading vault versions to make sure everything works. And I have questions.
(1) Will Vault 9.x support Sql server 2016? Or do I have to wait for 10 to come out?
(2) Is there a grace period after we upgrade to 9.x to upgrade to 10 for free?
(3) Do I have to upgrade to 8, and then to 9? or can I go from 7.2.1 to 9 directly?
(4) Anything else I should know, or have a plan for?

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1. Vault 9.x works fine with SQL 2016. Vault 10 has had much more comprehensive testing with SQL 2016.

2. To get Vault 10 for free, you need to have Vault maintenance that hadn't lapsed. You can find out by emailing sales at sourcegear.com.

3. You can do directly from Vault 7.2.1 to Vault 9.1.0.

4. You might check out our Upgrading Guide: http://support.sourcegear.com/viewtopic ... 3&t=11648&.
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