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We're in the process of importing our defect tracking database into Vault Work Item Tracking. Our old defect tracking DB had a Fixed In/Fix In field. We would use that field to note the version of software that a bug should be, or was, fixed in. We could filter on that field and view all issues that were fixed in in a older release of our software.

It appeared to me that using Milestones might be a good substitute for our old Fixed In field, with the added bonus of inactive Milestones not clogging up our day to day queries.

We populated the Milestones table for Work Item Tracking. Only one Milestone is active. The rest are inactive because they are related to past releases of our software. So for example, I have Milestone of "Beta", and it is inactive. I have imported issue #11, and its Milestone=Beta.

1) I have a query that shows ALL Work Items. In that list I see item #11, and Milestone shows as Beta. Good. I double click that Item to see all of the fields. Get: "FailProjectPermissionDenied - The user does not have permission to perform that operation on the project. The user must be assigned permission. The operation has been cancelled." I click OK. My Item is shown, but Milestone is suspiciously blank. If I try to modify the Item and Save the changes (silly, I know), I get "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

If I make the Milestone active, I no longer get errors when I try to view Items associated with that Milestone. I assume that the bottom line is that I may not edit issues associated with a closed Milestone. If that's the rule, fine, it makes sense that users shouldn't be editing old, closed issues. But I would expect that I should be able to view that item (Milestone value and all) without errors popping up.

Would this be considered a bug that will be addressed in a future release? (If not, we will probably not use the Milestones feature, and instead create a custom field to track which issue was fixed is which version of the software.)

2) Milestone of Beta is still deactivated. I want to create and save a query so that we can see Work Items associated with Milestone=Beta. I right click on Queries and select Add. By default in that empty query, the Hide Inactive Users and Milestones checkbox is unchecked. In the Choose Field dropdown I select Milestone. In the dropdown where I select a Milestone to filter upon, only ACTIVE Milestones are shown. I have to "jiggle the handle" by checking and unchecking Hide Inactive Users and Milestones in order to see Inactive Milestones.

3) Possibly related to #2 above. So I have my query for "Milestone Equal to "Beta" set up. I save the query. Then I press Run Query. ALL items are returned, not just items where Milestone=Beta. Huh? I go back to the saved query and Edit it to see what I did wrong. The query criteria of Milestone=Beta was not saved.

Thank you!


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PostPosted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 4:55 pm
I cannot recreate the issue with not being able to see Milestones. I would like to take a closer look if that's ok.

Can you send an email to support at with a link to this thread?
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