customizing System Fields doesn't carry through everywhere

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 3:55 pm

I searched to see if these were was reported but didn't find anything.

1) Via the web client, as admin, I went to Customize Item Fields. In there I changed the Label of a System field (Platform) to a different label (Severity). When I create a Query, and I Customize the viewed columns of that query, I see the "Platform" label instead of "Severity".

2) I also changed the default value for this table to be "Sub-Optimal". In the System Fields table, under Default, the default is listed as "Unix".

3) Not sure if this is a bug, or just the way it is. Via the web client, I created a query and customized the columns that show up in the list of issues. These columns show up in the web client. I was happy to see that the query itself showed up in the desktop client, but the column customization did NOT show up in the desktop client.



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The desktop client would need to be restarted in order to pull changes from the server.

If just restarting the client doesn't help, then perform an IIS reset to force the server to empty what it has cached. The easiest way is to type iisreset at an administrator command prompt. If you can't do that on this server due to other websites' requirements, then you can alternatively recycle each of the Vault-related application pools.
Beth Kieler
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Good morning,

So we've done IIS resets and restarted clients. I don't think any of these things are reset issues. They're not showstoppers and we've worked around by not customizing System Fields, and by planning to use the web client for now. The web client isn't optimal for us, as I think it would be more streamlined for the programmers to be able to use the desktop client through Visual Studio.

Let me restate in more detail in case anyone wants to investigate further. (Or please set me straight about what I may be doing wrong!)

1) If I change the label of a System field (change "Platform" label to "Apple"), the only place I see that change is in the Item Tracking Form. If I set up my display preferences to show that column when I list query results, that column will never show my custom label of "Apple". It will only ever show "Platform".

2) If I change entries in a System field table, and choose to have that field populated with a default when I enter a work item, I still see Vault's default in System Fields list. (The System Fields list that I see when configuring as an Admin.) So, for the Platform table, if I edit the value of "Unix" and change it to "Honeycrisp", and check it to make "Honeycrisp" the default value on new work items, I still see "Unix" in the Default column in the System Fields list. It's a little disconcerting when trying to configure things as an Admin.

3) Via the web client (and only the web client, I think), I can configure display preferences. It is there I check off the columns I want to see when work items are listed as part of a query. My chosen display columns are ONLY shown in the web client. When I run a query via the desktop client, I only ever see ID, Type, Description, Status, Priority, Assignee, Milestone and Category. Those columns, in that order. (Reloading the client and doing an IIS reset didn't seem to change this.)

If anyone can verify that these are unintentional issues, I think they would greatly improve a future version of Vault Pro. Thanks and have a great day!


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