Vault 7.2 and Vault 10

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Vault 7.2 and Vault 10

Post by angelal » Thu Mar 28, 2019 8:29 am


I am new to using vault for corporate use brought into a company to do their release process and to get it defined. I am looking at Either upgrading Vault Professional from 7 to 10 or going with another piece of software.

Keep in mind these questions are based on Version 7.

1st question
What i notice is there are a lot of old project folders that are not being used anymore.

What i like to do is Somehow Archive/Inactivate them so they no longer download for everyone when getting latest. And they are no longer allowed to be worked on. I don't want them to go away necessarily as I don't think my manager would like that. But I need a way to manage them so they aren't a problem for me automating and for it to not be so messy for developers.

2nd Question
When I worked at my last job we had accurev. One of the great features on Accurev was at the time of check in the developer could group files together in a check in ticket form. Some would say that is a changeset maybe in Vault. But the unique thing was I could if wanted to use that ticket to always check in the changes I was making. So I could check in nightly and always apply it to the same ticket as a Developer and then when I was ready I pushed it up to the next branch and it would be 1 ticket that had the collection of changes. In vault it looks if I did that it could be all different changesets. With the 1 ticket form made by the developer during check in the release person would know all the changes that were made for a particular bug or enhancement was contained in that particular ticket

3rd question
I noticed in our professional version that when I am checking I have a change set comment but no ability to apply a label at the time of check in. Is that something configurable? Or is there a way to make a custom field at time of check in that is required for them to fill in? IE the targeted release number or bug number or enhancement number

Sorry for a lot of questions, I own vault for my private use just have not used it extensively in the corporate arena with multiple developers, trying to set up branching, sandboxes and deploying with multiple lines of release.

thanks in advance for any information you can share with me!


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Re: Vault 7.2 and Vault 10

Post by Tonya » Thu Mar 28, 2019 2:39 pm


Thank you for expressing your concerns and for providing us with feedback.

I have addressed each one below:

1) An option would be would be use the pin feature on a top level folder to prevent changes followed with the cloak feature. The Cloak command allows you to specify that a folder should be ignored during recursive operations.

2) If I understand your description of Tickets, I believe when using Vault Professional, commititng changesets can be tied to a work item and you can see what particular work when into resolving a particular issue. However, when it comes to merging changes into another branch, that is still tied to committed changesets. About the only way I can see to pull these together when running merge branches is to use a particular keyword or look the work item - commit comment and choose those change sets to determine the history. If I've misinterpreted your description of what you're looking for, please let me know.

3) You are correct, there is no way to apply a label at checkin. You will have to create a label and/or branch after committing changes.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.



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