SourceGear Customer Conference Call April 16th

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SourceGear Customer Conference Call April 16th

Post by jeremy_sg » Wed Apr 09, 2008 12:22 pm

As I've repeated numerous times in the <a href=>Vault Blog</a>, one of my goals is for SourceGear to get better at communicating with customers. We spend a lot of time on the <a href=>support forum</a> talking to customers who are having trouble. We also spend time talking to potential customers with our <a href= ... tml>online demos</a>. Rarely do we get a chance to talk to customers when there isn't an urgent problem. To remedy that, I'd like to announce the first SourceGear Customer Conference Call.

The goal of the conference call is to hear what's on your mind, and to give you a chance to give input into the direction of Vault and Fortress. I'm especially interested to know the things that hurt you in little ways every day (like performance problems, for example).

The details:
<li><b>Date</b>: April 16th 2008 at 10:30 US Central time
<li><b>Duration</b>: An hour at most.
<li><b>How to sign up</b>: Email to sign up to attend. Space is limited, but if there's sufficient demand, we'll add another date and time.

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