CLR error: 8007000b

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I receive a pop-up error message window when trying to access Vault (version CLR error: 8007000b The program will now terminate. The significant variable has been a recent upgrade to antivirus to Symantec Endpoint Protection Version 11. I have tried to disable, turn off.... Symantec but with out any success. Also, I've tried removing the thumb print security driver, etc. still nothing. Attached is a screen shot of teh error message.

Any thoughts or previous experience? Thank you for your time and consideration.
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You're getting a CLR error which indicates a problem with the .NET Framework.

There have been other similar errors reported after installing SEP: ... ... 00029.html

Try the configuration options mentioned in the above posts to see if they might work for you, such as this one:

If you uninstall the "Application and Device Control" feature from Symantec Endpoint Protection then you can keep your antivirus and your programs will being to work again. You can disable this from Add/Remove programs
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