Question regarding Unknown status

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Question regarding Unknown status

Post by jstarbird » Tue Apr 13, 2010 11:08 am


One of my users files are ending up in an Unknown status. He claims he has not changed his working folders, that he hasn't moved the working folders outside of Vault or inside for that matter, and he also says he has not changed his cache location at all.
The latest incident happened on a folder where it had been awhile since he had viewed it but he has been logging into that repository daily.
Anyway, I was wondering what situations would usually cause this state to happen? Mostly it's a minor issue but it seems the only way for him to get the status back to a correct type is to do a get latest with overwrite/merge on so he can end up with files getting overwritten.

He is a remote user in that he connects to our Vault server via VPN over DSL so I am also wondering if there is something I could change on the server side to better hanlde the remote users that may apply to this.


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Re: Question regarding Unknown status

Post by lbauer » Tue Apr 13, 2010 3:19 pm

Unknown files occur when the Vault working directory is set to a directory with preexisting files. If those files have the same name as files in Vault, they are treated as Unknown. Doing a get latest will resolve the unknown file to Blank, Needs Merge or Edited/Renegade.

It can happen when the Vault baseline files are out of sync or deleted. These are found in the _sgvault folder, which can be stored in the working directory or in the user's local settings folder.

The user could try turning on CRC's in the Vault Client under Tools->Options->Local Files, to see if that resolves the status.
Linda Bauer
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