Please Include Version Information with Your Questions

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Please Include Version Information with Your Questions

Post by sterwill » Mon Feb 16, 2004 2:09 pm

When you post to this forum or contact Technical Support with questions about Vault, please remember to include the following information for faster response from us:

Which version of Vault are you using using (or installing)? This includes: operating system and whether it's 32- or 64-bit, the version of the .NET framework, SQL Server version, and IIS version.

You can copy most of this information from the Technical Support menu item in the Vault client, under the Help menu.

If you are using Visual Studio, which version are you using and which source control plugin, i.e., Classic or Enhanced Client.

If your issue is performance related, please describe the network connection between your client and server (including any proxies), whether IIS and SQL are installed on the same machine, the amount of RAM on your IIS and SQL servers, disk configuration (single, RAID, etc.) on your SQL server, and any other information you think might help.

The Vault server log file (%WINDIR%\temp\sgvault\sgvault.log) is crucial to diagnosing server problems. Please include any warnings or errors from this file in your post.
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