2 Vault Servers syncronization

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Yuri Ilyin
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2 Vault Servers syncronization

Post by Yuri Ilyin » Tue Oct 05, 2004 7:21 am

Hi all.

We use Vault in 2 offices, which are located far each other. Currently Vault Server is located in one of the offices, and the second office is connected to Vault by VPN. So those persons, who connect to Vault by VPN, need to wait some time (about 5 seconds) until a file is checked out.

We know that 2 SQL servers can be syncronized, so theoretically 2 Vault servers can be used (one per office).
Is it possible (now or in future)? Will it speed up the work with Vault? What disadvantages can such solution have?

Thank you.

Also it will be nice if the difference view window (and others) can be closed by Esc.
regards Yuri
Prolog Development Center

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