Ugh... files being unchecked out?!

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Ugh... files being unchecked out?!

Post by Mordachai » Tue Feb 11, 2014 9:04 am

I must be a flaming idiot!

I seem to be accumulating files in my _sgbak folder that I had no idea were there, nor do I understand how they got there!

I just went to find an edited set of files, and could find no trace of my edits, and my file was not checked out.
Then I searched around and found a copy of my edits in the _sgbak folder.... along with many edits of older files d'a't'i'n'g back a few months. [ASIDE: WTF is wrong with your forums that I had to mangle the word in order to avoid it becoming replaced by the symbol: <SPAM>?!]

So... I must be doing something - or have chosen some settings - that combine to make Vault happily (and silently) discard my checkouts now and again - only placing my edited copy of the file into _sgbak.

What the fail?!

I'm looking for information as to when Vault would ever choose to silently discard a checked out & edited file. Get Latest? Can that seriously be configured to DISCARD edits and undo checkouts quietly?!

This is deeply distressing because now I have to go through every _sgbak folder in every project and try to ascertain whether the copy of the files there are more or less correct than the official files, going back months.

Not Good.

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Re: Ugh... files being unchecked out?!

Post by Beth » Tue Feb 11, 2014 10:47 am

The _sgbak folder holds edited files that were overwritten. If you edit a file, but then perform a Get - With Overwrite from Vault, then Vault places the edited file in the _sgbak folder. How much that folder holds depends on the settings in the Vault GUI client found in the Tools - Options - Local Files - Backup location.

Are you using the Vault GUI client by itself, or do you use Vault integrated with your IDE, such as Visual Studio?

Is your working folder on your local machine or is it on a networked drive?
Beth Kieler
SourceGear Technical Support

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