Index and count must refer..., locked authentication fields.

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Index and count must refer..., locked authentication fields.

Post by bmschkerke » Tue Feb 17, 2004 1:40 pm

Vault Server v1.2.3 to Vault Server 2.0.0

Windows 2000 SP4
Intel Pentium III 1.3Ghz 1Gb of RAM
IIS v5.0

I have domain administrator rights to the machine.
The machine is a member of domain NETCO.
The SQL server we're using to store data is a member of domain DEVELOPMENT.
The machine we're installing onto is named SRV4-IS.
The machine the database is on is named DEV.

The first problem I ran into was:

Code: Select all

Entered MakeUrl()
	We have a host:
	Machine is named: srv4-is
	Full machine name is: srv4-is
Index and count must refer to a location within the string.
Parameter name: count
Vault Upgrade Setup is exiting due to a failure or cancellation. Error Code = -1001
That was caused (apparently) but my not having a fully qualified domain name on the system. I added a FQDN to the computer settings and rebooted. I then attempted to reinstall Vault 2.0.0. (IndexOf(Url, "."))

Now I can't get as far as I did.

My log ends with...

Code: Select all

Entered GetIISProcessUser.
Checking for IIS Version...	Registry return major version 5 of IIS.
	IIS Process Model user: SRV4-IS\ASPNET
GetIISProcessUser completed successfully.
Entered GetInstallationSettings().
	Subkey is open
Database on 'DEV' using SQL Authentication.
Virtual Directories are at IIS://LocalHost/W3SVC/1/Root
Exit GetInstallationSettings() success
Connecting to the SQL Server...Cancelled.
The problem is that it claims we're using SQL Authentication but fails to connect to the server. And my authentication is disabled so I can't change it.


The error which does make sense in the context that the installer is working in, follows:


Boiled down:
Is there a way to change the connection method and credentials used to connect to SQL Server post installation? If so then this is a simple matter of doing as the installer says and "continuing anyway."

The database schema has already been upgraded during the first installation attempt so I can't revert back to 1.2.3 without fear of doing damage.

Thanks for any help.

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