Moving Database on the Limit

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Moving Database on the Limit

Post by cpede » Thu May 31, 2018 7:29 am

We are currently using Vault Standard 6.0.1 on a free MS SQL Express database. Now we have reached to 10 GB limit, and starting to get errors from vault. (e.g. we cannot even add a label)

We want to move Vault to our MS SQL 2005 server, removing the database limit problem.

However, some months ago we ran an obliterate process to solve a similar problem. Now when using the Import/Export tool we get errors. We don't know if these problems comes from the obliterate process, or if it is because we have reach the limit.

We also have license to the latest Vault 10.

What are our options, how do we move the old Vault on the free MS SQL Express to the MS SQL 2005 server, without errors?

Is the new Import/Export tool in Vault 10 better than the old, able to export the database even if obliterate was run?

Is it better to upgrade from Vault 6.0.1 to 10 before moving to the MS SQL 2005 server.

Please help.
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Re: Moving Database on the Limit

Post by Tonya » Thu May 31, 2018 8:19 am

It's very likely that the obliterates are causing the problem. The Vault Folder Export/Import feature will not work if you've obliterated files, same with the Vault 10 version. Your Vault Server log will provide us with more details if you'd like to email the log over to Are you wanting to use the export feature to move your Vault data to another SQL Server? If so, the restore process is the correct way to go (more details on this below).

We have a knowledge base article that will assist you with your moving to a new server/upgrade process:


If you are using Vault 6.x or higher, you will backup your database, restore it to the new server, then proceed with the upgrade process. Prior Vault versions will require you to upgrade in increments.

Tonya Nunn

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