some users can not see a shelveset

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some users can not see a shelveset

Post by hutpit » Mon Oct 22, 2018 12:27 pm

We have a number of shelvesets, but in some cases only some users can see them. This seemed to have changed when we altered some folder permissions, but even after giving the users RCA permissions to the folders affected by the shelvesets, they are still not showing.

Are shelvesets hidden to users lacking folder permissions? If so, what is the criteria to hide them, since potentially only part of a shelveset could be inaccessible?

If not user permissions, what else could hide a shelveset from a user?

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Re: some users can not see a shelveset

Post by Tonya » Mon Oct 22, 2018 2:04 pm

I have copied below some information in regards to users rights/folder permissions:

User access rights always take precedence over group access rights regardless of where in the tree the group rights are applied. BUT inherited group access rights take precedence over user default access rights. The only time default rights are used is when there are no rights assignments at all for a user or any groups they belong to from root down to the folder in question.

A single group’s access rights can be restricted by multiple rights assignments. For example, if Group A has RCA at root and R at $/foo/bar, and Group B has RC at $/foo/bar, it is Group B’s RC that takes precedence, because Group A’s R rights permission overrides its RCA at $/foo/bar. As the example shows, a group’s rights assignment closest to the folder in question take precedence over other rights assignments of that group further away.

Hope this information helps clarify your concerns.



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