Problem merging a branched folder on test server.

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Problem merging a branched folder on test server.

Post by rlafreniere » Thu Mar 23, 2006 5:19 pm

I've downloaded client version 3.1.7 (3719), and created a sample project on the test server ( Wampir ) within that I created a subproject Beta. I branched Beta to a Beta 1. I then updated the only file in Beta to reflect a version 2.0 in a comment field, added a new function and checked in the change. I then checked out the file of the same name and ancestry in Beta 1, added a new function and updated it to version to 1.1, and checked that in.

I want to have the new function I added to Beta 1 merged back to the version 2 in Beta, so I":
1) Went to tools->Merge Branches.
2) Selected "Beta 1" as the origin folder, Beta as the target folder.
3) Proceeded to "Select Changes to be Merged" and selected the most recent version.
4) Left the "Attempt Automatic Merge on Individual Files" checked.
5) Clicked next, next, next until I got to the Adds, Deletes. Edits and
in the list view saw that the only item, a Modify File Item on main.m3 had a warning "Not Mergeable".

6) When I proceed anyway, what happens is essentially that the changes to Beta after the branch are ovewritten and the whole of the Beta 1 version is copied into the Beta.

I'm obviously misunderstanding something. but I read the Source Control Howto and the manual, and did a search on "Merging" in the forum and I'm still lost.

Can anyone take a look at the $\Wampir\Beta $\Wampir\Beta 1 projects and see if there is anything wrong? Ack.


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Post by ericsink » Thu Mar 23, 2006 6:49 pm

The main problem I see here is that .m3 files are not configured to be "mergable".

Vault decides whether a file is considered mergable by its suffix. We have preconfigured most of the common file suffixes for source code, but I'm pretty m3 is not one of the ones in the built-in list. It's Modula 3 code, I assume?

I am pretty sure this would work fine if m3 were simply added to the mergable suffix list. This is a configuration change which is easily made when you install your own server.
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