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Feature wishes...

Post by award » Wed Nov 29, 2006 12:09 am

2 things I would like to see in Vault (I'm currently using v3.1):

1) Change the Diff/Merge from being stored on the server to a local machine configuration. I move between 2 PC's - one running Windows XP, and the other running XP64 - the paths to the external diff/merge programs are different. (I consider the current behaviour to be a bug).

2) Definitely more in the wish list category... I would like some method to do "private" checkins - work in progress that I don't want to check in for others, but I would like to have saved, but which I could also access (when logged in using the same account) from another machine - this would be a great way for me to move work in progress from my office PC to my home PC and back again.

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Post by matt_stephens » Wed Nov 29, 2006 8:11 am

I'd certainly like to be able to do what you describe in 2. Anyone else got any experience of doing something similar to this so they can move between machines easily? e.g. from a desktop to laptop if they have to travel?

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Post by jaybartholomew » Sun Dec 10, 2006 2:53 pm

I'm not familiar with Vault itself as I'm doing some research for a potential new employer that is using Vault. Nonetheless you should be able to do this by creating a "private" branch. As a CM I feel that you should do whatever you can to encourage regular checkins to prevent losses due to dropped laptops or such.

Basically you configure it so that each user has their own branch and anything they check in will only be seen on that branch. Their branch should initially look like the development branch, but should be named with their ID. Once they feel code is ready for general integration with the rest of the team it can then be merged in to the regular development branch.

The problem with this is that for larger groups implementing this can be extremely time consuming. Each project or release would most likely need private branches re-created so that they stay more or less as close to the current development branch as possible.

Don't attempt this with out a clear plan and make sure your developers have a strong understanding of how to do their own merges and where their work should be done and merged to. Without strict plans and rules in place as to how to manage this you could quickly end up with a headache far bigger in the end.


Addition: It looks like this has also been discussed as a feature by having a "private" copy of your modifications stored on the server. The following thread and others go into more depth on the issues:

http://support.sourcegear.com/viewtopic ... ght=branch

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Post by Beth » Tue Dec 12, 2006 3:33 pm

On #1: We have a feature request already logged, so I added your vote.

#2: I was going to suggest the same as jaybartholomew and then put in a feature request for individual user areas stored in the Vault server.

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