Server Sizing / User Load

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Server Sizing / User Load

Post by nemoby » Fri Jan 18, 2008 12:42 pm

I know it is a very vague and subjective question but any general recommendations on server sizing? We are looking to support 20-30 developers. Guessing our individual developers fall into the lighter weight side of things so please no CYA, you need a Dual CPU Quad-Core 64-bit with a SAN and you should be ok recommendations.

I have used Vault before on a team of 5 developers. My new employer is looking at Vault based on my recommendations. I just want some general advise so I can pass it along. Also, what is a rough upper end to team size while using Vault? Guessing it is in the 500+ developer range. My employer just want assurance that they aren’t going to outgrow Vault any time soon.

Any whitepapers out there talking about these issues?



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Post by jclausius » Fri Jan 18, 2008 2:04 pm

Sounds like you've already configured a machine. Don't forget to add 128GB of RAM :>)

Seriously, the machine you configure should be determined by what OS and SQL Server versions you plan to run as well as how you want to manager the Vault Server tiers. Do you want to run 64-bit or a 32-bit OS? (We also are planning a Vault 64-bit Server in the coming months.) What about SQL Server? 64-bit or 32-bit? Basically the 64-bit (thousand dollar) question is how much memory should you place in the machine. If you use a 32-bit model, don't add more than 4GB of RAM to any machine.

Also, for a 50-100 user environment (note, we have some 750+ user installations), you'll want to consider dividing tasks, a machine for the application tier of the Vault Server, and another machine for the data tier of SQL Server. Disk access on the Vault server should be normal to fast, while the disk subsystem for SQL Server should be as fast as you can get. I've seen some people configure a single machine with two separate RAID IO subsystems and run both tiers on the single machine. While some others have suggested setting up two different VMs on the two separate IO systems. Finally others just configure two distinct machines.

In the end, the Vault server will probably need more CPU horsepower than disk IO throughput, however, network IO should be as fast as your infrastructure allows. The data tier will need better disk and network IO than CPU, but don't neglect the CPU as there are some computations handled in the data tier.

I'm not sure this answers your question, but I hope it points you in the right direction.
Jeff Clausius

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