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Post by jeremy_sg » Sun Mar 30, 2008 3:14 pm

My problem is with SG's attitude: SG seems to be focusing on what is difficult/convenient for SG, not for its customers. If SG addressed things as "what do our customers want and how can we address it" rather than "what's easy and convenient for us to do right now," we would all be happy.
This comment stings in two ways. The ways that it's true (we were too slow to pick up on Vista and IIS 7), and the ways it's not true.

The web based admin tool: I've attached a screenshot of the old admin tool. Since you can't click around the screenshot, where do you think you would you find the Email settings? Shadow Folders? We had run out of ways to cram things into the old tool. I very much want to know what we can do to improve the web based admin tool. So far, complaints about the save button (which changed in 4.1) and postbacks are the most common (and I agree).

As for the Enhanced Client, the sting is because you're right. I will admit that I didn't see the new client in the same way our customers would see it (as an upgrade from the Classic client). Please don't attribute my mistake to malice. The majority of our work on the Enhanced client since its first release has been reimplementing features that were free in the Classic client (Source Control bindings, get latest on open, checkin on close, etc). There are still several features that we haven't gotten to yet, but we will.

Believe me, I do nothing but listen to our customers all day, every day. :)
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Post by pauldeen » Sun Mar 30, 2008 3:55 pm

All I care about is feeling our source code is in safe, capable hands. I get that feeling every time I use Vault. You have no idea how irrelevant it is to me that it's running in compatibility mode or not. Sure, if I decide to upgrade to Windows Server 2008 I want it to work properly, without any fuss. So long as the installer lets me not care, I won't care.

I'm sort of with SG on this one, they have to keep on working on their product, not pandering to the whims of Microsoft's early adopters.

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Post by lbauer » Tue Apr 01, 2008 10:28 am

All our customers are important to us -- the early adopters and the users who are still on Windows 2000.
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