Unhandled exception when merging branches

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Unhandled exception when merging branches

Post by arden_dan » Fri Apr 02, 2004 5:40 am

I need a little help solving a problem with Merge Branches.

Here's what I'm doing:

1. I create a copy branch of a folder.
2. I checkout the same file in both branches of the folder and edit each.
3. I checkin both files, first the file from the original branch, then the one from the copy.
4. I use merge branches with the original folder as the origin and the copy folder as the target.
5. I get as far as the page that indicates there were no RENAME operations.
6. Clicking next I see the page "Retrieving files" but then immediately an error appears (see attached .txt file).

What confuses me is that this problem is user specific. I have 10 or so users and only one can successfully perform this operation (Dan). John has exactly the same rights as Dan (copied using Vault Admin Copy Rights), but gets the error. Chris has different rights and also gets the error. John and Dan are both in the Admin group, Chris is not.

The does not appear to be folder specific, Chris and John cannot perform the merge on any folder. Dan CAN perform it on any.

The problem does not appear machine specific, I have tried three different machines, logging in to SV as each different user and the results are the same.

Further investigation only narrows this down to the merge operation, John and Chris cannot merge regardless of who modified the files/folders to be merged.

The only thing different for Dan is that he added all the files to the SV repository in the first place.

All clients are running Windows XP SP1, with all recent hotfixes. The server is Win 2003 again with all recent hotfixes, IIS 6, SQL2000 SP3.

Can point me in the right direction? I'm sure it's something I've missed.

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Post by dan » Fri Apr 02, 2004 8:20 am

It is dying in the code to get files to the hidden state folder. If it works for one user on different machines, but not other users, it might be a user option setting. Some things to try:

1. Do a full Get Latest on both working folders before starting the merge branch operation. Merge Branches is supposed to do this for the files it needs, but perhaps there is a problem in there somewhere.

2. Toggle VSS mode and CVS mode in the user options and see whether that makes a difference.

3. Is the "Store working folder data inside working folders" setting different between users? Note that if you want to toggle this, you need to do another full Get in the client for the state information to be correct.

4. Look for other differences in user options between the user that work and the ones that don't.

I noticed you are merging from "trunk" to "branch". Try it the other way, and see if you get past this error, just so we can localize the problem a bit more (note - you don't have to commit the change to test this out).

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Post by arden_dan » Tue Apr 06, 2004 10:22 am

Problem is fixed now, though unfortunately too many things changed so I couldn't say which was the important change.

Network admin has modified some of the privileges on the 2003 server, we're on a domain and the user that everything worked for was a domain admin, the other users were just domain users.

Also I deleted the repository and did an import from VSS into a new repository. (We're only testing at the moment and are just letting users get a feel for SV.)

Local user options were the same for each user, so no change there.. but everything is working fine now.

Thanks for your help.