Is Valut right for my company?

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Is Valut right for my company?

Post by snorkie » Mon May 01, 2006 3:53 pm

My boss has requested that I look into a replacement for VSS... Based on our development environment I wandered if some of you smart people could answer my questions.

The company I work for has a single product that we develop. We often have to customize the code for the clients needs. Each client gets their own VSS Project. All of our projects have a share to to the root project so we don't have make code changes (bug fixes :evil: ) more than once. When customizing for a client, we have to branch a file to make changes.

1. Is it possible to get a report from Vault for a specific file about which projects it is branched/shared for? This would make applying bug fixes to customized sites faster...
2. Probably been asked a million times, but is there a size limit to the database?


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Post by dan » Mon May 01, 2006 5:57 pm

1. The properties dialog of a file or folder conains a Share Links tab, which shows you all the places it is shared. There isn't the same info for branches, but this might be available via the client API (so a simple program could be written to retrieve that). I'd have to check on that, so let me know if that is a route you'd want to take.

2. If you are using MSDE, there is a 2GB limit, but you are using full SQL Server, then it is the limit of a SQL database, which I don't have handy, but is likely larger than you could fill :)

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