4.04 known issues

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4.04 known issues

Post by matt_stephens » Fri Sep 21, 2007 4:25 am

From the release notes of 4.04:

Known issues:

There are still issues which prevent using projects in the Visual Studio 2005 IDE Client which are bound to source control in a solution which is not bound. If you use this configuration, please remain on the 2003 compatible client until these issues have been resolved.

Any details on the timeframe for this to be fixed? We have lots of projects that don't have solutions in the repository. Typically we do have some big solutions checked in that make it simpler to do a complete build of all the projects but we found that we needed to avoid the folder layout that Visual Studio seems to want eg:

Code: Select all

solution folder
    project1 folder
    project2 folder
Early on with visual studio 2005 we had endless trouble migrating our asp.net apps with this kind of layout because whenever we did an Open From Source Control operation the working folders would get reset and everything would get messed up. We then found that by having the solution seperate like this:

Code: Select all

Solutions Folder
    Solution1 Folder
    Solution2 Folder
Project1 Folder
Project2 Folder
Meant that vault was happy to open the solution from source control, pulling in all the referenced projects without messing with the working folders. Alternatively if we just wanted to work on a single project that doesnt have dependencies on other projects then we could choose to open the project from source control with no problems either.

Having spent the time to figure this out and arrange our code appropriately it scares us that the upgrade to 4.04 might have trouble with the layout of our codebase, however, as i understand it the 4.0 visual studio integration will enable much better working offline from the server - is this correct? If so, please, please give some estimate to when a version that resolves the issues with solutions not being in the repository will be available.

Also, please add my vote for the user workspace (or shelving) feature - this would be invaluable for us, particularly if it makes it easy to move changes from say a desktop machine to a laptop without having to first check them in.



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Post by jeremy_sg » Fri Sep 21, 2007 8:22 am

The short answer is 4.0.5 will have much better support for this, and will be out in the next few weeks. If you want to try a pre-release build of 4.0.5 to give us feedback before release, email me using the button below this post.

The longer answer has some caveats. Open From Vault and Add to Vault will both still be solution-specific operations, so you will need to use the standalone GUI client to add and download projects.

The even longer answer includes mention that even if you upgrade to 4.0.4, you can still use the same IDE client that you were using with 3.5 (which is now called the 2003 compatible client).

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