'Unable to login' or 'No licenses available'

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"Unable to login" or "No licenses available" error when logging in

All users get "unable to login" message when logging in from the web client or "No licenses available" when logging in from the GUI client. This condition can occur when more users are active than the number of licenses available for the SourceOffSite Collab server.

While this seems to be an impossible situation to arrive at, it can happen when first purchasing SourceOffSite Collab. For example, the full-functioning demo creates a license for 10 users (and 30 days). If 10 people tried the application, 10 licenses were assigned. Now upon purchase of a license for nine people or less, there will be more users in the system than allowed licenses. At that point, all users will be denied access.

To fix this problem, log in to the SourceOffSite Collab server as the admin account, and inactivate enough users so that the number of licenses matches the number of active users.
Linda Bauer
Technical Support Manager

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