SOS Collaborative Edition Bug Fixes in Version 1.1.1

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SourceOffSite Collaborative Edition Bug Fixes in Version 1.1.1
<p>SOS Collab 1.1.1 is a maintenance release which provides several bug
fixes to improve SOS Collab installation, performance and usability.
<li>The SOS Collab client installation no longer renders other entries
in the System Path inaccessible.</li>
<p> IDE CLIENT </p>
<li>Connecting via IDE client no longer resets the SOS Collab Web server
override to the default value (port 80).</li>
<li>In Visual Studio.NET, projects bound with SOS Collab could not also
be used by other developers using Visual SourceSafe integration, and
vice versa. SOS Collab now supports the mssccprj.scc file allowing
the seamless use of Visual Studio.NET projects regardless of whether
or not teams have multiple Source Code Control providers. </li>
<li>All IDE clients now remember the database where a particular project
is stored. If multiple databases are configured, the login dialog
is now seeded with the correct database.</li>
<li>When choosing File->Source Control->Open From Source control
in Visual Studio.Net, it displays the database project tree and allows
you to select a project. Selecting the project will now display the
working directory of the selected project in the working directory
edit box. </li>
<p>WEB CLIENT </p> <ul> <li>
Users can now change their SOS Collab passwords via the Web Client.</p>
<li> The Properties Dialog associated with a file or project is now
<li>Non-recursive Get-by-label operations now function properly. </li>
<li>The status of shared files that have been checked out now updates
properly when the VSS performance cache is turned on.</li>
<li>SMTP formatting of outbound notification e-mail has been changed
to be compatible with a greater number of mail servers, including
Microsoft Exchange.</li>
<li>The SOS Collab server installer now specifically uses the MS SQL
or MSDE master database. In cases where master was not the default,
schema would fail in earlier versions of SOS Collab.</li>
Linda Bauer
Technical Support Manager

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